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xulrunner help dialog text has trailing garbage


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The Output() function in nsXULRunnerApp.cpp assumes that the output will be less than 1024 characters.  With long version numbers (i.e. this is not the case the the trailing \0 gets blow away resulting in invalid output.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Run xulrunner.exe without an arguments
Screenshot showing the corruption
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Increase the buffer size to 2k instead of 1k.
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Ever confirmed: true
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bsmedberg: Sorry to disturb you but how do we get this patch get into the tree ?
The tree is currently approval only, should I request that or should I wait until the tree opens for FF5 ?
I don't want to forget this patch  and I don't think Sean knows how to get this into the tree.
(In reply to comment #3)
> I don't want to forget this patch  and I don't think Sean knows how to get this
> into the tree.

You are correct, although I'd be happy to take a stab at it.  Can you point me to a document that describes the process?
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I can approve this, it's basically risk-free. I'll add the keyword to get it checked in as a ridealong, although I'm not sure who is doing pushes at this point.
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Sorry - why was this assigned to me?  I don't have commit access.
Because you wrote the patch, that's how we manage things in Bugzilla. The "checkin-needed" flag is an annotation we use for this very situation, so hopefully someone will land your patch for you.
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