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Stop putting bloaturls.txt and bloatcycle.html in dist/bin/res/ where nothing wants them


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In the beginning was xpfe, and xpfe was with bad ideas, and xpfe was bad ideas.

The xpfe nsBrowserInstance had a commandline argument of sorts, where if you started it with -f then after the fact it would check that arg, if you had built debug/trace-malloc/with ENABLE_PAGE_CYCLER defined, would read the file you passed in that arg, and would cycle through the URLs in it. used that to cycle through the URLs in bloaturls.txt.

Then along came TestGtkEmbed, which didn't implement -f, but wanted to run bloat tests, so allowed it to instead load bloatcycle.html, then along came Firefox, which wanted nothing to do with -f, so also allowed it to load bloatcycle.html.

Then along came SeaMonkey's lack of desire to maintain the crap which toolkit had forked, so now there is nothing which supports -f, and nothing which wants to see bloaturls.txt, and along came buildbot replacing Tinderbox, using build/ instead of, so there's nothing which knows how to call the binaries that don't support -f with a -f arg that they don't support.
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Bah, all that archeology, and I still didn't notice that we actually separately stick bloatcycle.html in objdir/_leaktest, so all the installing of it in dist/bin/res and not packaging it has been pointless since we switched to buildbot.
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Though fortunately, we'd already cleaned up all the not-packaging of it and taken care of removing it anywhere that we'd accidentally shipped it, so all we need to do is stop sticking it in dist/bin/res/ where we don't want it to be.
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Summary: Remove suite's bloaturls.txt → Stop putting bloaturls.txt and bloatcycle.html in dist/bin/res/ where nothing wants them
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moar rm

I think you've finally made yourself into the official Mozilla historian.
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Good. Shouldn't the remaining references be removed too?
Although anyone can have r+a=me to hg rm testing/tinderbox-standalone-tests.
Since mxr doesn't index whatever repo those lived in before, so that they were my only way to discover who used bloaturls.txt and how, and my only way to discover the lack of fidelity in porting what they did to buildbot in things like bug 603539, anyone who does will also be pushing with enmity=philor. ?

It's not as though things don't live on forever in our VCS history.
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