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TI: Kraken audio-fft much slower with type inference


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Some numbers:

V8: 370 ms
JM+TM: 375 ms
JM: 619 ms
JM+TI: 2870 ms

Most of the time here is spent inside FFT.prototype.forward. If I change the line "i = bufferSize/2" to "i = (bufferSize/2)|0" I get these numbers:

V8: 370 ms
JM+TM: 372 ms
JM: 607 ms
JM+TI: 324 ms

I think the problem here is that bufferSize/2 causes "i" to be marked as int32-or-double, and this makes i slower in the rest of the function. But bufferSize has value 512 so the result should fit in an int32.
Great catch.  There is this horrible glue-and-tape analysis to guess whether the result of int/int is an int or double, and it's pretty often wrong.  We just need to rip that out, always mark int/int as an int (unless maybe it's immediately passed to Math.floor or similar), and accept a few more recompilations.  Once we are interpreting some before compilation (probably post-Fx5), we'll be able to record which int/int produce doubles and avoid the recompilation entirely.
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What about this patch? This wins 5 seconds total on Kraken and makes JM+TI beat V8 and JM+TM on audio-beat-detection and audio-fft. SS is in the noise, V8 becomes about 20 ms faster.
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Looks good, can add a narrower is-double inference later if we ever end up needing it.  Do you need this pushed?
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> Do you need this pushed?

Yes, thanks in advance.
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