queries should allow matches against default values (e.g., default milestone)




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7 years ago
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I want to create "saved searches" with the target set to the "default milestone", where this search term is dependent on the current default milestone for the product.

Without this functionality I am forced to create new saved searches every 2 weeks when a new milestone is reached for my project.

I asked on the IRC channel (irc.mozilla.org: #mozwebtools) whether this functionality already existed, and user "justdave" responded that to his knowledge it did not.   justdave also suggested that this is a broader feature request which could be used to match default owners/assignees, etc.

justdave: that might be useful for more than just milestone... other attributes of the bug's product might be able to be exposed that way, too
justdave: qa and owner come to mind (for checking if the bug is assigned to the default assignee or qa for example)

This helpful IRC member also suggested a potential implementation path:

justdave: wonder if that could be exposed via a pronoun/replacement
justdave: "milestone" "is equal to" "%product.defaultmilestone%" or something

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7 years ago
Version: unspecified → 3.2

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7 years ago
This is possible, and yes, a pronoun would be the way to do it, but unfortunately, implementing pronouns is very complex. So we wouldn't do this right now as a high-priority item, but perhaps in the future if the pronoun code becomes simpler or we have a better way to do this architecturally, the priority could be raised.
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