cvs-mirror seems to be down



18 years ago
4 years ago


(Reporter: ilya.konstantinov+future, Assigned: drew.streib)





18 years ago
$ cvs login
(Logging in to
CVS password:
cvs [login aborted]: connect to failed: No route to host

telnet-ing to port 2401 displays the same 'No route to host'.
The host is pingable and telnettable on port 80.

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18 years ago
I am also having problems as are numerous people in #mozillazine.

This is actually a blocker for anybody who doesn't have access to (as it appears anonymous/anonymous doesn't work).

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18 years ago
cvs-mirror is not ours. Moving to Drew's queue.
Assignee: rko → dtype

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18 years ago
I see the same problem as Ilya except that telnet to port 80
doesn't work.

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18 years ago
From: Tupshin Harper []
Sent: Wednesday, December 06, 2000 9:38 PM

Sorry for the caps, but a router(probably, but possibly is blocking incoming TCP access on port 2401 which is what
CVS uses, resulting in a no route to host message whenever anybody off site
tries to access


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18 years ago
Changing platform and OS - I'm blocked on Win2000 and MacOS 9.0.
OS: Linux → All
Hardware: PC → All

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18 years ago
I can verify that it is one of the routers doing the blocking.

$ telnet 2401
telnet: connect: A remote host refused an attempted connect operation.

but, the very next hop....

$ telnet 2401
telnet: connect: A remote host did not respond within the timeout period.

It's not the port that is failing since traceroutes on UDP port 2401 make it 
through with no issues:

$ traceroute -p 2401
trying to get source for
source should be
traceroute to ( from 
(, 30 hops max
outgoing MTU = 1500
 1 (  14 ms  1 ms  1 ms
 2 (  2 ms  2 ms  2 ms
 3 (  4 ms  4 ms  5 ms
 4 (  6 ms  9 ms  7 ms
 5 (  55 ms  61 ms  49 ms
 6 (  54 ms  50 ms  81 ms
 7 (  84 ms  86 ms  88 ms
 8 (  86 ms  85 ms  87 ms
 9  * (  85 ms  86 ms
10 (  57 ms  60 ms  57 ms
11 (  57 ms  57 ms  54 ms
12 (  58 ms  55 ms  58 ms


$ telnet 2401
telnet: connect: A remote host did not respond within the timeout period.

Hell, the only open port on that machine is finger on port 79. Nothing else 
makes it, or it is refused. Looks like someone configured a router to drop TCP 
connection packets.
Priority: P3 → P1

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18 years ago
Here is the output from tcpdump I get; the source of the 'host unreachable'
packet seems to be (

18:20:44.503190 eth0 > > S 3532070986:3532070986(0) win 32120 <mss
1460,sackOK,timestamp 50020 0,nop,wscale 0> (DF)
18:20:47.496758 eth0 > > S 3532070986:3532070986(0) win 32120 <mss
1460,sackOK,timestamp 50320 0,nop,wscale 0> (DF)
18:20:47.711801 eth0 < > icmp: unreachable [tos 0xc0] 

Comment 8

18 years ago
Email sent to This is the contact address given by a whois on 
the IP

Comment 9

18 years ago
i phoned valinux and spoke to Quentin Cregan of who said
someone is driving over to the machine's location to kick it.

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18 years ago
Started working for me about 20 minutes ago - thanks Dawn!
Last Resolved: 18 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED

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18 years ago
Well, contact with the server has been established, but something's still amiss.
It either produces loads of 'cvs server: no space left on device' errors:

cvs -d -q -z 3 co -P
No space left on device

(note: the local disks are not full, and have more than enough inodes to
spare... this is not a local problem)

...or it spins eternally on some lock:

cvs server: [13:30:01] waiting for cvsuser's lock in
cvs server: [13:30:31] waiting for cvsuser's lock in
cvs server: [13:31:01] waiting for cvsuser's lock in
cvs server: [13:31:31] waiting for cvsuser's lock in
(ad infinitum et nauseam)

What's up, doc?

Comment 12

18 years ago
I've manually removed all locks. There is no reason for space full errors, as
there is plenty of room on the drives. Any chance this was a local error?

Comment 13

18 years ago
I too am getting the same space error from two unrelated machines (which
have no local space problems). The problem must be on cvs-mirror

cvs -d -q -z 3 co -P SeaMonke
No space left on device
gmake[1]: *** [real_checkout] Error 255

Comment 14

18 years ago
The new bug for the checkout problems is bug 62381.  Verifying this bug fixed.

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17 years ago
Mass removing self from CC list.

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17 years ago
Now I feel sumb because I have to add back. Sorry for the spam.
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