Virtual keyboard for ContentEditable areas shouldn't try to provide autocompletion



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7 years ago
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(Reporter: Alfonso Martinez, Unassigned)




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7 years ago
I posted in a little comparative between the default Android browser and Firefox Mobile 4b3 in regards to contentEditable areas.

Firefox has a very bad performance while typing, and using non-default keyboards the behavior is really bad. 

The default browser on the other hand seems to mark its content in a different way for the keyboard so it doesn't try to provide autocompletion and overall it's much better (once the user has been told how to open the keyboard and has guessed where's the caret).

If Firefox could mark somehow that for elements with contentEditable=true and documents with designMode=on the keyboard should be just a "simple" keyboard without autocompletion, and anything that requires getting the rest of the content I guess that the behavior could be much better.

Getting Firefox Mobile working properly with WYSIWYG editors like CKEditor will require some adjustments as can be seen in, but I guess that this is one of the very first steps.


7 years ago
Severity: normal → enhancement
For me, the virtual keyboard keeps disappearing, when trying to edit some text at
I can't seem to use the normal keyboard either on that page.

Alfonso, you are able to use the normal keyboard or the virtual keyboard on your mobile phone?

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7 years ago
I don't have a normal keyboard to test, but I added the CKEditor demo just as an explanation of the final goal, not a good test for this bug. There are other issues that should be checked in order to understand what's going on because it's absolutely impossible to use it there, this ticket is just a first step (if the user is not able to type correctly it doesn't make sense to find out the rest of problems)

The test for this issue is at the first link: just a div with contentEditable=true, the simplest editor available in the market :-)
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