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Bing map doesn't load on (caused by bug 591981)


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Load the map doesn't display. (It seems to work if the page is in your cache though.)

Regression range is the push containing bug 591981, and I doubt its the spacer bug.
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Looks like the page works if I use Safari's UA string. Observing that the map is provided by Microsoft's Bing Maps.

Raul, Any chance of Bing Maps using the same script loader as Live Calendar and Hotmail? That is, should we expect Bing Maps to get fixed whenever the Live Calendar / Hotmail fix (bug 610917 and bug 609236) is deployed?
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Summary: map doesn't load on (caused by bug 591981) → Bing map doesn't load on (caused by bug 591981)
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Not sure Bing is using the exact same code though likely the same issue or workaround. I'll investigate and get the Bing devs involved. Thanks for the heads up.
The Bing Maps team has been contacted. Thanks Raul.
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Any updates here? Map still doesn't load for me.
Microsoft is looking into it.
This looks fixed to me? is working for me in 4.0RC.
Still doesn't work for me in latest nightly. Cache might have an effect, so clear the cache before testing.
This is strange. Latest nightly and 4.0RC on different systems are both broken...

(so why did it work on the first system I tried with 4.0RC?)
Since cache seems to play a factor its probably a timing issue.
tn, can you try again now? I just tried 4.0 final on 4 systems, works fine on all of them...
It still doesn't work consistently for me. Sometimes it works, but a lot of the time it doesn't. I tried in a fresh profile. Clearing the cache and restarting seems to be a good way to reproduce for me. I tested using the latest nightly (not 4.0 final).
Working for me on Firefox 32.
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