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ashmem pagefile for jemalloc

This gets us swap-like behavior on android. I'm sure this isn't the most correct way of turning on pagefile support in jemalloc, but I'm not sure what the proper way is.
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8 years ago
We need some numbers to back up a change like this.  Does it help startup, memory usage, page load times, us getting killed off?  Once we have that, would need review from Jason Evans

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8 years ago
This doesn't help with us getting killed off. If I switch apps, Android seems to use the exact same kill logic with and without this change. However, if I stay in the app it seems to remain alive longer.

I seem to be able to load more stuff into my fennec before plugin-container starts crashing.

I can load about:memory + firefox tinderbox into 2 tabs. Then plugin-container crashes when I load a 3rd tinderbox.

Without this patch plugin-container dies while loading the second tinderbox.

I'll do some more analysis tomorrow.
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ashmem pagefile for jemalloc

>-static bool	opt_pagefile = false;
>+static bool	opt_pagefile = true;
> #endif

You want to add a #ifdef MOZ_MEMORY_ANDROID here, because otherwise, you change the default behaviour on non OSX unices, which do have optional pagefile support.
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ashmem pagefile for jemalloc

I haven't heard that this helps anything, clearing the review request
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