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Add constructor for nsASCIICaseInsensitiveStringComparator (which inherits from nsStringComparator) to placate CLang


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nsASCIICaseInsensitiveStringComparator is missing a user defined constructor, but in nsCSSRuleProcessor.cpp a const variable of this type is defined.

This is not valid c++. For more information see "Default initialization of const variable of a class type requires user-defined default constructor" in
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bugzilla doesn't linkify ++, and your link was poor anyway,

is I believe what you intended to reference.
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The reporter's summary and initial comment were both lame. I'm merely adjusting the summary and providing a better link. I am not passing judgement on the quality of the bug report.
Summary: Missing constructor → Add constructor for nsASCIICaseInsensitiveStringComparator (which inherits from nsStringComparator) to placate CLang
I'm far from a C++ language expert, but does that in fact apply? nsASCIICaseInsensitiveStringComparator is non-POD, since it has a base class.
Sorry for the lameness, but I had to open 13 silly bugs like this and with such an overhead copy and pasting becomes really tempting.

The paragraph in question says:

If no initializer is specified for an object, and the object is of (possibly cv-qualified) non-POD class type (or array thereof), the object shall be default-initialized; if the object is of const-qualified type, the underlying class type shall have a user-declared default constructor. Otherwise, if no initializer is specified for a non-static object, the object and its subobjects, if any, have an indeterminate initial; if the object or any of its subobjects are of const-qualified type, the program is ill-formed.

So i think it applies because it is non-POD.
and it was not on windows
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This patch along with the ones in bug #623123 , #623126 , #628371 also fixes compilation with gcc 4.6 , hats off to espindola, thanks!
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