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Current Tasks filter should only show completed tasks if completed today


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I think it makes sense to limit the completed tasks shown in the "Current Tasks" filter to those completed today. Tasks completed in the past aren't really current anymore, and the filter will become less usable over time as it fills up with old completed tasks.
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Filters out tasks completed earlier than the current date.
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fix v1

Wow, thats all thats needed? Doesn't the throughcurrent() method need to be hooked up somewhere? If not, then r=philipp

Andreas, do you agree this makes sense?
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I think it would be good if we could take this for 1.0b4, if there are no objections.
No change since January. Maybe someone else could do the ui-review?
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fix v1

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This makes sense, tasks completed in the past aren't current.
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Target Milestone: --- → 1.0b5

This has been committed on comm-central per the checkin-needed keyword. I'm not familiar with Lightning target milestones, so please do check the target milestone field is correct. If it's not, please tell me what to use next time :-).
Closed: 10 years ago
Keywords: checkin-needed
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Since this changes the behavior of the filter, I'd suggest to keep it on trunk for now instead of pushing it into Lightning 1.0b5. Therefore everything is fine here. Richard, Matthew, any objections?

Jonathan, for next time: Trunk is totally correct if pushed to comm-central only. If its also pushed to another branch, then the corresponding Lightning version should be used (i.e comm-miramar = 1.0b5)
Target Milestone: 1.0b5 → Trunk
The only reason I could see for pushing this to 1.0b5 is that, if I recall correctly, the recently released 1.0b4 was the first release to contain the Current Tasks filter, so changing it now would prevent users from getting used to the original behavior. Otherwise this isn't critical, so I'll leave it up to you.
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