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Update check for default browser to work the new way (glib >= 2.27.1)


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Starting with glib 2.27.1, the way for an app to declare that it supports opening a URI scheme has changed: it used to be something living in gconf, and now we use the mime system with a mime type like x-scheme-handler/http. The old way doesn't work anymore.

glib 2.27/2.28 will be used in all distributions releasing in spring 2011.

See and the first part of for some more background.

So Firefox needs to be updated for this:

a) appProtocols ( should have mime types for each of the protocol. It's always something like x-scheme-handler/http.

b) nsGNOMEShellService::IsDefaultBrowser (from needs to use g_app_info_get_default_for_type() ( with x-scheme-handler/http and others to know what's the default app. You can then use g_app_info_get_executable() ( to see if the app matches argv[0].

c) nsGNOMEShellService::SetDefaultBrowser (from needs to also be updated. Instead of calling gconf->SetAppForProtocol(), you can simply call appInfo->SetAsDefaultForMimeType() for x-scheme-handler/http, like you do later for the usual mime types.

It's worth pointing out that shipping a desktop file with Firefox (say MozillaFirefox.desktop) would make things a bit cleaner. Instead of using g_app_info_get_executable() and checking the name of the binary, you could use g_app_info_get_id() and check that it returns MozillaFirefox.desktop. You also wouldn't need to create a GAppInfo from nothing with giovfs->CreateAppFromCommand in nsGNOMEShellService::SetDefaultBrowser(). You could instead just create it with g_desktop_app_info_new().

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I might pick that up in the near future. If anyone else wants to look at it earlier let me know.
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This should be addressed by

That implementation used g_app_info_get_default_for_uri_scheme instead of g_app_info_get_default_for_type.
Closed: 13 years ago
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