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crash [@nsSHistory::EvictContentViewersInRange] and [@nsSHistory::EvictGlobalContentViewer] don't handle failure of GetTransactionAtIndex


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I came across this after seeing a couple Fennec crashes at nsSHistory.cpp:894 with a null pointer:

>886 void
>887 nsSHistory::EvictContentViewersInRange(PRInt32 aStart, PRInt32 aEnd)
>888 {
>889   nsCOMPtr<nsISHTransaction> trans;
>890   GetTransactionAtIndex(aStart, getter_AddRefs(trans));
>894     trans->GetSHEntry(getter_AddRefs(entry));

GetTransactionAtIndex ( looks like it sets a non-null outref if it returns NS_OK, as it unconditionally NS_ADDREFs the result, so we'd see a different crash if it were otherwise.  Therefore, we appear to be neglecting to handle failures in crashes such as and
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how often will people see this crash?
tracking-fennec: ? → 2.0+
Summary: nsSHistory::EvictContentViewersInRange and EvictGlobalContentViewer don't handle failure of GetTransactionAtIndex → crash [@nsSHistory::EvictContentViewersInRange] and [@nsSHistory::EvictGlobalContentViewer] don't handle failure of GetTransactionAtIndex
Assignee: nobody → doug.turner
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Closed: 12 years ago
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Duplicate of this bug: 608218
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Doug, we've got:

> 974       if (!trans) {
> 975         shist = static_cast<nsSHistory*>(PR_NEXT_LINK(shist));
> 976         continue;
> 977       }
> 978
> 979       for (PRInt32 i = startIndex; i <= endIndex; ++i) {
> 980         nsCOMPtr<nsISHEntry> entry;
> 981         trans->GetSHEntry(getter_AddRefs(entry));
> ...
>1035         nsISHTransaction* temp = trans;
>1036         temp->GetNext(getter_AddRefs(trans));
>1037       }
>1038       shist = static_cast<nsSHistory*>(PR_NEXT_LINK(shist));

in both files, so the null check needs to happen within the for loop.  Actually, looks like it could be:

nsresult rv = temp->GetNext(getter_AddRefs(trans));
if (NS_FAILED(rv))
Actually, scratch what I just wrote, I was thinking of GetTransactionAtIndex.  GetNext always returns NS_OK, so a null-check is what we need.
I am not seeing this in fennec logs.  sdwilsh, thoughts?
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Better bandaid
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The same fix is required in nsSHistory::EvictContentViewersInRange.
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OK, but why is that ending up null?
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That is the non-bandaid part, which I'll fix. a followup
Btw, this is not a regression from 1.9.2.
There are similar crashes on 3.6.x, and even 3.5.x
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We can take this after Firefox 4.
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Which patch here should land on cedar?
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The patch entitled +range is the one which is ready and unlanded.
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Is bug 612274 indeed a dupe of this? If so, that one is #243 and over 20 crashes per ADU now on 4.0* - if the fix is low-risk, I wonder if we might want to still get it into Macaw (would need to go via nomination etc. to landing very soon to make that).
Crash Signature: [@nsSHistory::EvictContentViewersInRange] [@nsSHistory::EvictGlobalContentViewer]
Assignee: nobody → Olli.Pettay
Crash Signature: [@nsSHistory::EvictContentViewersInRange] [@nsSHistory::EvictGlobalContentViewer] → [@nsSHistory::EvictContentViewersInRange] [@nsSHistory::EvictGlobalContentViewer]
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