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Mockup of welcome text banner

The dashboard looks bare and uninviting for users when they first sign up. Users should at least receive a welcome message inviting them to fill out their profile and browse the list of people and projects on the site. See the attached mockup (PSD is also available if you need it). I'd ignore the user profile image in the banner for now and just create something with text.

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8 years ago
I'm on it ... soon!
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8 years ago
oops - just saw that you handed that one to Guillermo. I am de-assigning myself.
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Draft of the welcom

First draft of the welcome. I have to add the close button.

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8 years ago
Looks good Guillermo, thanks. Once you've got the close button, feel free to cut it up and submit a patch here, or a pull request on Github. If you need help with either, just let me know.
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Welcome banner for empty profile

Now with close button. I made that this appear if the user doesn't have a profile image. Do you think is a good condition?

Another question. I'm thinking to make it dissapear/close with jquery toggle function. Do I have to use an a element surronding img element or it not neccesary?
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8 years ago
The unobtrusive / accessible approach would be to use an anchor with "dismiss" (or close) as the content of the element. The anchor would have a url (that Paul could wire up?) that the clsoe button links to if the user does not have js enabled - that url would register that the user no longer wants to see the welcome message.

<a href="{% dismiss_message %}" class="dismiss" title="{{ _('Don't show me this again') }}">{{ _('dismiss') }}</a>


a) use image replacement to change the text "dismiss" into a close 'x' button.
b) use javascript to submit the dismiss_message url in the background via ajax, hide the box (blind-down?), and "return false" to prevent the link from being followed.
c) Show or hide the welcome message based on whatever property Paul decides to use to store the user's 'dismiss_message' click.

Paul: a common pattern in software is to have many help dialogs liek this so it might be a good idea to have some sort of hash property on the profile that can store arbitrary 'dismissed' keys? That way the dismiss_message url could pass a string key that gets thrown in the hash as the check.

What do you think?

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8 years ago
btw: I guess this dissmiss_message url would have to respond with 200 OK if xhr or redirect to the referring page if not xhr.

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8 years ago
Yeah, we'll probably end up doing something like that. Guillermo, feel free to commit with whatever condition you'd like (no profile image is fine). We'll work on wiring up a system for these kinds of notifications. I like Ned's advice re: unobtrusiveness.

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8 years ago
I have received the patch for this and Bug 622975 from Guillermo, applied it and made tweaks. 

This is integrated into my master and pushed to github.

commits 1bbf7eef1c91be081d37 - da1e77302be13e420cc9
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