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ff4b9 leaving white boxes where GUI elements should be


(Firefox :: General, defect)

Not set





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As I surf around, no place special, I keep getting white boxes instead of form elements, graphics, etc. Mousing over the box reveals the element.

I have 5GB free disk and 1GB free RAM.  Running on Leopard.

I can't really explain this any better, so I took a YouTube video.
Oh, yes, the YouTube link is:

And, holy cow, as I was about to save this comment, the whole textarea I just typed in vanished!
Please disable the hardware acceleration in preferences/advanced/general and restart Firefox. Post the graphic section in about:support if that fixed your problem.

Try if it didn't help.

BTW: Is this report for FF4.0b9 or for the trunk ?
Matti - 

This report is for FF4.0b9.  I am able to reproduce the problem easily even with hardware acceleration turned off and the browser in safe mode.

Incidentally, I found a better way to repro than what I posted in the video; all I have to do is view the release notes and drag my mouse around the screen (especially on top of hyperlinks) to cause bits of the display to vanish and reappear.
Follow up - I just did a little minefield bisecting. This is present on b9 minefield builds (no surprise) but vanishes with the earliest b10 build I could find,

Hopefully this has been fixed rather than fluked, although I can't find a bug or revelent-looking check-in in that timeframe.
No! I take it back! It's present in that particular minefield build, it's just harder to reproduce. *argh*
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> *** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 623852 ***

That said, assuming you have hardware accelerating off (see about:support).
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