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Double tap zoom/unzoom (with reflow) takes too long to respond


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STR (on Nexus One):
1. Go to (desktop version)
2. Double tap

It takes over a second to do anything. Part of the problem is we are reflowing before we begin the zoom.
It's about 5 seconds on p.m.o.
We intentionally wait for reflow to finish before starting the animation; see bug 623313.  If we don't want to revert that, maybe we should show some other user feedback in the meantime (like a highlight or outline of the double-tapped element).
Blocks: 611555
Keywords: perf
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Summary: Double tapping takes too long to respond → Double tap zoom/unzoom takes too long to respond
tracking-fennec: ? → 2.0+
Depends on: font-inflation
Assignee: nobody → mbrubeck
Summary: Double tap zoom/unzoom takes too long to respond → Double tap zoom/unzoom (with reflow) takes too long to respond
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With this patch, we will immediately zoom toward the element's current location, then do the reflow.  When the reflow completes, we zoom toward the element's new location.

On pages like where reflow is fast, this looks like a single zoom that changes direction mid-zoom.

On pages like where reflow is very slow, this causes a zoom, then a pause for a second or more (the old content remains "fuzzy" during the pause because the content process is busy doing reflow), then another zoom after the reflow finishes.

On pages where the layout doesn't change significantly, the second zoom is not as noticeable.  When it changes a lot, it is more disruptive.
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Let's see how this feels in nightlies
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