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We have a fairly standardized set of naming conventions for various
files at amongst other places

To take but one example:


This may be written as


Various scripts have been written to programmatically download the
binaries, the tests, the logs, etc:

 - http://hg.mozilla.org/automation/getlatest-tinderbox
 - https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=528064
 - https://github.com/harthur/mozregression/blob/master/mozregression/runnightly.py
 - probably many many more

These tools should be consolidated into a single tool that both
illustrates the conventions used as well as allows sensible
programmatically driven retrieval of these files so that a single
piece of software is maintained.  This software should also be
publicized to the point that people know that it exists and no one
else also reinvents this wheel.

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8 years ago
Filing under Testing - General, though maybe it belongs elsewhere.
It's probably not that easy at this stage. Some tools are still in developement, especially anything related to pulse. But I agree, at some point it would be beneficial to have a single Python module which incorporates the download of all different types.

Let me see what we need: 
* Release builds
* Release candidate builds
* Nightly builds
* Tinderbox builds
* Project branch builds
* Pulse triggered builds

This script should also support Firefox and Thunderbird

Anything else I forgot?


8 years ago
Duplicate of this bug: 582980
Note that anything that depends on a buildbot build from the FTP site will have to be updated at some point as the url's are changing, see bug 449607.  Another reason why a common piece of code to handle this would be nice.


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