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Remove m_numReferences from nsMsgHdr


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Thunderbird 3.3a3


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Per bug 628094 we believe that m_numReferences is no longer required as a separate variable, m_references.Length() should just be able to be used instead.

Assigning to Neil as he said he'd do a patch for this if we're interested, which we are ;-)
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Depends on: 628094
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No longer depends on: 628094
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Comparing a PRInt32 and a PRUint16 does a signed comparison (a PRInt32 can contain the range of a PRUint16 so there's no ambiguity). Now the old nsCStringArray bounds-checked its index, which meant that calling GetStringReference(-1) returned an empty string (by comparison calling GetStringReference(32767) throws). The TArray version doesn't, which means that the code currently in the tree will crash if you try to get the -1th reference. Simply changing the comparison to .Length(), which is now a PRUint32, generates a signed/unsigned comparison warning, for good reason! The cast is designed so that passing in -1 results in 4294967295 and thus fails the comparison.

Alternatively I could change the API to use PRUint32 throughout but we have PRInt32 descending loop indices which are a pain to convert to PRUint32.
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Proposed patch

looks good, thx.
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