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Ensure comm-central apps work by |Rename *-*.mac64.dmg to *-*.mac.dmg|


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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #600931 +++

Since the new i386/x86_64 universal is our only Mac deliverable now, I think it makes more sense to name it "mac" than "mac64" (mac64 kind of implies 64-only, which isn't the case).
blocking-seamonkey2.1: --- → ?
I think this needs different bugs for all affected build masters, as the changes are there, really.

For SeaMonkey, we need to port the one small patch to our stance in there, update builbotcustom to current default branch tip and reconfigure. That should be all. says we already upload *.mac.* binaries, so things mostly work, I guess. What we need to check for SeaMonkey should just be getting those buildbotcustom fixes in.
locale builds are missing on FTP, I guess the repack stuff needs the buildbot fixes to run correctly.
Yeah, buildbotcustom and tools should be updated. Additionally you may want to add pltform=platform here: (for l10n dep builds).
Depends on: 629856
This should be done by Bug 629856
Is this ready to be resolved, if so could you cancel the blocking request?
Ok, this is not blocking (since its easy to manually fix)

That said the reason we are failing to do l10n side of this, is that the MOZ_PKG_PLATFORM magic done in buildbot checks 'platform', which our factory sets differently (in release builds) than expected:

Specifically we specify %os%-release

Which causes MOZ_PKG_PLATFORM to be overridden.
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Actually that last comment is covered by Bug 631864
Blocks: 631864
Closed: 10 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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