Panorama: Remember what group a domain belongs to




8 years ago
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8 years ago
A couple of times a day I end up with all of my new tabs in which ever group I have open. I then bring up my Panorama view and organize everything.

It would be great if when I dragged tabs into groups, it prompted me to see if I always wanted that domain to be in that group. So in the future every time I open a page it goes into my "Things to Watch" group, and I automatically get switched to that group.



8 years ago
Summary: Remember what group a domain belongs to → Panorama: Remember what group a domain belongs to

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7 years ago
Yeah I'd very much like to see named tab groups for certain domains.

e.g. all of my works stuff (several separate domains) to go in a "Work" tab group (which would be automatically created if it didn't exist) and all my open source stuff (again a fair number of separate domains).

Add in the auto-switch when I open that domain and making the transition from open source hacker at night to web dev by day would be much easier :)
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