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Intermittent failure in layout/reftests/svg/as-image/svg-stylesheet-external-1.html | image comparison (==)


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Attached file Reftest failure log
Rev3 Fedora 12x64 mozilla-central opt test reftest on 2011/01/29 04:41:22

Reftest failure log attached.
Looked into this a bit, since this is my test that's failing.

I can reproduce this failure reliably by moving this reftest to a remote SSH server, which I mount in a local directory via SSHFS.  (This is a hack to make files load slowly.)

I'm pretty sure this is what's causing the failure fail:
 (1) we finish reading the bits of the SVG file
   --> VectorImage tells host document "ready to paint!", in VectorImage::OnStopRequest
   --> BUT we haven't necessarily gotten all the bits of the stylesheet yet!
 (2) Document tells image to paint itself
 (3) Image paints as blank, since the stylesheet still being loaded.

I think we'd really like to delay the VectorImage's "ready to paint!" notification (and hence the <img>/<body> load events) until the <svg> element fires 'SVGLoad' (which I think would happen after the stylesheet is ready (?)).

HOWEVER, this is pretty low-priority and unlikely to cause problems in the wild.  Given bug 628747, this bug only affects local SVG images that reference local stylesheets, since HTTP-served SVG images aren't allowed to reference external stylesheets at all now.

I'm going to mark the non-HTTP version of this test as random, to stop the pain that its frequent orange causes, and I or someone else can fix the actual bug when time permits.
(In reply to comment #9)
> I'm going to mark the non-HTTP version of this test as random

OS: Linux → All
Hardware: x86_64 → All
Whiteboard: [orange] → [orange][test marked random]
Whiteboard: [orange][test marked random] → [test marked random]
I suspect (though have not yet confirmed) that this may be fixed by bug 704059.
Depends on: 704059
No longer depends on: 704059
Bulk assigning P3 to all open intermittent bugs without a priority set in Firefox components per bug 1298978.
Priority: -- → P3
Blocks: 1350793
Severity: normal → S3
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