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Status/link bubble doesn't shrink to fit contents when it's too large from previous text


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Firefox 4.0b12


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0) latest build with bug 541656 (using Tinderbox build; not in nightlies yet)
1) bookmark the following URL into the bookmarks menu:
2) maximize Firefox (just makes this bug more noticeable)
3) open the bookmarks menu and hover over the bookmark
4) a popup half of the browser's width containing a truncated version of that URL will show in the lower left corner of the browser
5) click the bookmark
6) the status text for loading the URL will appear in that bubble

Actual results:
The bubble stays the same long size with lots of empty space to the right of the status text until the bubble closes.

Expected results:
If you simply visit the URL normally the status bubble is much smaller with less wasted space. It should resize to fit the content as needed to avoid dead space covering up more of the page.
This was done intentionally in bug 629898.
(In reply to comment #1)
> This was done intentionally in bug 629898.

Per bug 629898 comment 2 you stated that the intent was to set a "25% min-width and lets the statuspanel grow but not shrink for value changes, until the value gets reset". Personally, I liked it always autosizing; it looked cleaner. In any case, with this particular bug I'm specifically talking about a large size drop, so it seems that the value just needs to be reset on transition from link URL to status text because of the potential large change in size.
Blocks: 629898
* -link 
... -nothing

Now it is:
|**...| 25%
|**........|50% - here it could be 25%
Without patch in bug 629898 statuspanel width was 0-50%.
With patch it stays at 50%.
Maybe it could shrink to 25%, but not less because of intention in bug 629898.
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