Testopia installation fails

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7 years ago
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(Reporter: Marceli, Assigned: Greg Hendricks)





7 years ago
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Build Identifier: Testopia 2.4 / Bugzilla 3.6.4

Hello everyone,

I've just installed Bugzilla 3.6.4 in my Red Hat and it works fine.
I tried to install Testopia 2.4 following the instructions in https://wiki.mozilla.org/Testopia:README#Installation_on_Linux
After running checksetup.pl I see this message:

"Checking Testopia setup ...
Can't use an undefined value as a HASH reference at ./extensions/Testopia/Extension.pm line 1274"

I can't see the links for Testopia in Bugzilla either.

Reproducible: Always

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6 years ago
Can you reproduce this in v2.5 ?

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5 years ago

I installed vanilla bugzilla v4.2.5 and tried
to setup Testopia. After untar in the bugzilla
base directory and installing the missing perl cpan
packages, i run checksetup.pl  and end with the
following error:

Checking Testopia setup ...
Can't use an undefined value as a HASH reference at ./extensions/Testopia/Extension.pm line 1425.

The line itself contains the following code:
        $dbh->bz_drop_fk('test_cases', 'priority_id') if $dbh->bz_column_info('test_cases','priority_id')->{REFERENCES}->{DELETE} eq 'CASCADE';

If I comment out the code, I get (of course - the database is not correct) another error:
Checking Testopia setup ...
Not a reference at Bugzilla/DB/Schema.pm line 2778.

How can I fix this installation issue ?


Comment 3

5 years ago
> I installed vanilla bugzilla v4.2.5 
It's not a vanilla bugzilla - sorry. It's v4.2.5 upgrade von 3.0.x some times ago.

Comment 4

3 years ago
I have installed Testopia 2.5 to the Bugzilla version 5.0, but the Testopia does not show up on the Bugzilla.

Can you please let me know the solution for this
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