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Create copy for new regional landing page(s)


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Opening bug to track creating copy for new regional pages (Africa and the Middle East, Americas, Asia and Europe) for the Get Involved section on

Ideally these pages would go live by the end of March but we can push the date as needed.  Monique has already started work on designing these and is using the following copy in her initial mockups.

This will likely go to webdev at some point in March.  

We could swap in new copy at any point in this process, but if the final copy is likely to be substantially different from the draft copy, would be good to get that to Monique during the design phase.
Tara, think we could give this to Matej when he's back from his trip?
Sounds good.  I'll file this one away for Matej as well.
Now that the Get Involved landing page is done we're starting to work with Monique on the Get Involved regional page designs.  She can get started without final copy, but this may be a good time to start thinking about copy here if Matej has some time.
Updating bug summary to reflect that it's not clear yet if we should create one world page that dynamically brings up regional information or if we have several regional pages that are linked together.

Discussion of navigation options on wiki at link below.  Feedback welcome.
Summary: Create copy for new regional landing page → Create copy for new regional landing page(s)
Feels like maybe we need to get a little more clarity on the strategy here before starting the writing process...what do you think?
I would be interested in Matej's feedback at this point since there may be some content considerations that help clarify the navigation choices.  If things seem too uncertain now though, we can go through a round of two or design first to help figure out how the flow will work.
Unless there are vastly different things we need to communicate to users in different regions, I think a single auto-detect page would work best, rather than repeating the same message across a number of pages.

Apart from that, I think the draft copy looks pretty good. But if there's more that needs to be created, I'm definitely going to need some more context and direction for what we want these pages to say. If it's just a way for users to find their local site, I'd say the simpler the better.
If the draft copy looks good, we'll have Monique start with that and we can take a closer look at the copy once we see how the flow will work.

FWIW, the major differences across regions will just be the links to different local Mozilla sites and Mozilla spaces and the specific contribution opportunities that are being promoted.
Sounds good to me. A few tweaks, then, just so we're not being unnecessarily repetitive in a short space:

Headline: Mozilla in Africa and the Middle East

Intro: Learn more about what's going on with Mozilla near you. Find a site in your language (or start your own) and see upcoming events.
I guess there were a few extra words in there :)  Thanks for the new copy.
Chatted with Sir Boswell.  

He's got enough to move forward with design for now.  He'll post an update to the bug to show us design + copy for Matej to take another look at it for final tweaks. Otherwise, we're good for now.  Thanks Matej!

Not sure when the update will come in, but for the next week ( at least ) we'll focus Matej's time on the higher priority FF4 stuff.  

Boswell, keep us posted !
Assignee: tshahian → Mnovak
Hey Boswell.  Just checking in here.
Sorry for not updating sooner.  The pages are being coded on stage now and I believe we have all the copy we need.  Matej is welcome to review what we have and see if anything needs tweaking, but I think we're good here.
Thanks guys.  Seems like we're ready to close.
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