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Add X-Mozilla-Altered to mime emitter for more useful attachment UI info


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looks like this is done in mimemoz2.cpp and all that is necessary is to emit it.  anyone needing it can get it from there in messageHeaderSink and methods exposed to js.
What exactly is this useful for? It's certainly not required to get the detached/deleted status, since you can get those in other ways (which we currently do).
to get the detached/deleted dates without opening up for mimeparsing, to display this info a tooltip or within my extension's attachments pane.  unless you know another way..

btw, if you mean using isExternalAttachment or contentType, that isn't correct since feed attachments (enclosures) also have the former and 'detached' doesn't apply to a remote link, and the latter's value of x-moz-deleted also doesn't apply.

there isn't anything (afaict) that identifies a feed attachment strictly. currently a guess can be made that works, as FeedItem.js doesn't pass on a feed enclosure tag's length attribute as size when it creates an attachemnt, an oversight i intend to patch soon.
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