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On Windows, use hardlinks when --enable-chrome-format=symlink is specified


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Windows 7
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--enable-chrome-format=symlink is really useful when you're editing JS or xul files. We can't do symlinks on Windows, even Vista/7 (mainly because non-admins don't have the privilege to do it, and even if an admin is explicitly granted the privilege, UAC strips it away). However we can create hardlinks instead, and that'll work for the use case we want to support here.
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I bet you'll probably break some goofy platform like OS/2 with this, but they would have to explicitly enable this, so maybe it doesn't matter.

Can you add a test for this to ?
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This passes locally, and I've pushed to try to make sure it passes on Mac/Linux/FAT32 as well.
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That wouldn't have, but this did.
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tests v2

Thanks a lot for taking the time to write a test!
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