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HelperApp launch is broken with GIO


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If GIO (instead of GnomeVFS) is used for HelperApp handling the Launch() method fails to do the right thing.
this method is using g_app_info_launch_uris() which expects a list of URIs (not files).
simply calls the method with a string containing the native local path.

The matching GnomeVFS method converts the path to a uri apparently:

I haven't found a fitting gio function to do a similar thing.
I have a candidate patch but it's currently changing the caller instead of the callee. I'm not sure what's the correct way to fix it.
The interface description suggests it should be called via uri and not file path but then it has been wrong for years because the callee fixed it silently.
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This one fixes the caller as described and it isn't very intrusive leaving the old non-gio code alone. 
As I said I'm unsure on which side to fix it in the end.
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possible patch

Karl, asking for review but as written I'm not sure which side to fix.
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possible patch

This makes sense to me.

>+    nsCOMPtr<nsIIOService> ioservice = do_GetService(NS_IOSERVICE_CONTRACTID);
>+    nsCOMPtr<nsIURI> uri;
>+    ioservice->NewFileURI(aFile, getter_AddRefs(uri));

Should null check ioservice, I think.

>+    uri->GetSpec(uriSpec);

I saw another NewFileURI use where uri was not null-checked, so I don't know whether a null check on uri is necessary or not.
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same with two NS_ENSURE_SUCCESS checks
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possible patch

That one is basically NPOTB (unless --enable-gio is used) and the original code just does not work. Not sure if I need approval in that case?
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possible patch

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