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img/video/audio/source.setAttribute()/getAttribute() on src trims whitespace


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Test case:

data:text/html,<!doctype html>
var img = document.createElement("img");
img.setAttribute("src", " ");

Alerts 0 in Firefox 4b11, 1 in Chrome 10 dev and Opera 11.  Should clearly be 1 -- setAttribute() followed by getAttribute() should always return exactly the same thing no matter what.

(found with my reflection tests:
Relevant hunk from nsHTMLImageElement::ParseAttribute:

372     if (aAttribute == nsGkAtoms::src) {
373       static const char* kWhitespace = " \n\r\t\b";
374       aResult.SetTo(nsContentUtils::TrimCharsInSet(kWhitespace, aValue));
375       return PR_TRUE;
376     }

Presumably that trimming is supposed to happen at some point, right?  If not at attr set time, then where?  Or is this not supposed to happen at all?
I guess this is supposed to happen somewhere in the "resolve an address" algorithm, but AFAIK, the IETF hasn't produced a useful spec yet.
It looks like this code was added in bug 87894.
Also looks like nowadays net_FilterURIString handles this sort of thing.  So I think we can just remove this code.
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Er, wait.  This is about more than just images....  Should have read the summary.
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Don't mess with whitespace in the src attribute of images, now that necko can deal with it itself.

Please also test that something like

elem.setAttribute("src", " test ");

works as expected. Even better would be to also check that it gets reflected properly in .src (where the whitespace should be removed, right?)
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Yes, reflecting is supposed to resolve the contents and return an absolute URL:

Actually I'm not sure it's currently specced anywhere how you're supposed to resolve a URL, but any sane web algorithm for that will involve stripping whitespace fairly early on, I imagine.
> elem.setAttribute("src", " test ");

Added that test.

> Even better would be to also check that it gets reflected properly in .src 

Added that too.
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