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Some js/src/tests that check tracemonkey stats fail with just -j -m


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The command line
    python tests/ -so --args="-j -m" $OBJDIR/js
reports a dozen or so failures on tests that look at tracemonkey stats. Bill says these tests should only run under plain -j or '-j -m -a', not under '-j -m'.
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I noticed two things going wrong here.

The first is a bug in the way that we computed how many iterations to run in the methodjit before trying the trace hook. Before, we took the tracer/profiler's HOTLOOP value and then subtracted the number of iterations we already spent in the interpreter before switching to the methodjit. However, if HOTLOOP is 1 (as it is when the profiler is off), and if we've already spent 15 iterations in the interpreter, we get a negative number. It's unsigned, so it's actually a really big number. So we basically never run the tracer. I fixed it in this case to go directly to the tracer.

The other problem is that there are some jstests that run for a few iterations and then check that we actually traced. I fixed these for the profiler, but I forgot to do it for the adaptive methodjit compilation. So this patch does that, by adding a flag called "adaptive" that you can query. It is true if the profiler is running or if always_methodjit is false.
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(In reply to comment #1)
> So we basically never run the tracer.

Does this affect Firefox 4?  Too late to change it if so, but would be good to know.
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> Does this affect Firefox 4?  Too late to change it if so, but would be good to
> know.

Unfortunately, yes, it affects Firefox 4. It's probably only a big deal if we're trying to track down performance faults. But we usually do that on trunk anyway.
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