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Add a native mkdir to pymake.builtins


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pymake has native, built-in implementations of "rm", "sleep" and "touch". We might as well have a native mkdir.
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This adds mkdir to pymake. Includes new mkdir tests plus makes the rm tests more thorough with subdirs.
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I'm going to pass this to ted since he's the python guy.

I also think we decided to use PEP 8 spacing (4 spaces) in the build system.
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We did say PEP-8, but this is existing code that has 2-space indent. I don't know that it's worth having mismatched indents or reformatting all our code.

>diff --git a/build/pymake/pymake/ b/build/pymake/pymake/
>--- a/build/pymake/pymake/
>+++ b/build/pymake/pymake/
 >+  parents = False
>+  for o, a in opts:
>+    if o in ('-p', '--parents'):
>+      parents = True
>+  for f in args:
>+    try:
>+      os.makedirs(f)

This doesn't strictly match the behavior of rm. If you did $(MKDIR) foo/bar, without -p, this code would still create foo/bar instead of failing. You should just use os.mkdir instead of makedirs if parents is False. You have a test for this in, but not for your builtin. :)

>+    except OSError, e:
>+      if (e.errno == errno.EEXIST) and (parents == True):

Some idiomatic Python nits: you don't need the parentheses, also, parents is a bool, so just saying "and parents:" is fine.

r=me with those fixes.
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Did you land this in bsmedberg's user repo as well?
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