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Someone in #qa reported this problem and mentioned that it was working in the last beta, but then the problem reappeared.

This works on 3.6.x, and other people mentioned it works in IE and Chrome, but it doesn't work on the latest nightly nor Fx4b3, for instance. I didn't try any older betas.

The error console shows a few errors like:

Error: assignment to undeclared variable SKYSALES
Source File:
Line: 119

I can't tell if this is a site issue, but since it works in 3.6.x and it's functionality commonly used, I'm nominating for blocking so we can at least put it in the right bucket.
--> Core::JS based on the error message
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view-source: shows 'use strict'; slapping on without testing, as a warding sign against who-knows-what. It brought bad luck.

Browsers supporting ES5 strict:

Chrome (V8) support is coming. IE9 is rumored.

The site needs to remove this 'use strict' directive or fix the strict-mode bugs by testing (with all paths coverage) in Firefox.

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Conforming summary to TE guidelines.

Juan: If this comes up again on IRC, please encourage the complainant to take this up with Spirit Airlines and point their IT department to this bug.
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Summary: the list of departing flight locations doesn't come up → - the list of departing flight locations doesn't come up
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There two overlapping problems here.

1) The site performs bad user agent sniffing. eg: use a nightly from around the time 3.6.x branched (2009-08-xx) and it still only works if the user agent is spoofed to something like:
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.1; en-GB; rv: Gecko/20101203 Firefox/3.6.13

2) Even if you spoof the user agent, the site stops working over the following ranges...

Last good nightly: 2009-12-01 
First bad nightly: 2009-12-02

Last good nightly: 2009-11-19 
First bad nightly: 2009-11-20


The site works in 3.6.13 ; but does not in the latest nightly or even Chrome 11.0.672.2 dev.

For clarification, the STR:
1) Visit
2) Click the combo box dropdown next to "From:"

- Dropdown contains 30+ entries

- Dropdown empty
- Multiple entries in error log, eg the one given in comment 0, plus more
The tl;dr version: 

The regression ranges confirm 'use strict' is indeed causing the site to break; but it also seems to be one of the annoying sites that doesn't like Minefield vs Firefox user agents.
This URL is now redirected to
In the Book section, I can see dropdown with list of cities. 

Working for me. I suspect the design has changed since the report of this bug. Closing as INVALID.
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