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Need a way to disable -dead_strip on OS X


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The current OS X linker crashes if using both LTO and -dead_strip, so we need a way to disable -dead_strip.
I'd rather not add more configure options. Can you just detect that you're using LTO and not use dead strip in that case?
Not sure if in a reliable way. There are many ways to enable it. With clang you can use -O4, -flto or -emit-llvm. GCC has -flto and I think -fwhopr.

For clang the most reliable is probably to test the type of file the compiler produces, but gcc uses native files with extra sections containing the IL. Should I just ignore newer GCCs on OS X for now?

Another option would be adding a test that crashes -dead_strip, but I never managed to get a small enough test to include in a configure.

I will also try xcode 4 to see if that linker is fixed. If it is, it might not be worth it to add the option.
Unfortunately the linker in xcode4 still fails :-(
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This patch adds a macro for checking for LTO and uses that to disable -dead_stip. It currently only handles LLVM based compilers, but could be extended if anyone is interested in trying gcc.
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alternative patch

Funky, but sounds ok. Can we call it MOZ_LLVM_LTO_ENABLED or something like that? MOZ_CHECK_LLVM_LTO ? Also, is there an existing autoconf macro to get the assembly output from a compile? I guess it's hard to say since we're using such an ancient autoconf...
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This is avoiding a bug in the linker, so I assume it could also hit gcc's lto. In which case they just have to extend this macro.

I can only do copy-and-paste programming with m4, so I don't know if there is an autoconf macro available, but I didn't notice one in the existing configure source code.
Okay. That's fine.
Sorry, the previous patch was missing a change to js/src/aclocal.m4
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