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Warn users with old accounts that they need to use the "forgot password" feature


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A number of contributors and users have reported in IRC or Live Chat that their pre-kitsune account is no longer working.  Since these users haven't forgotten their password, it never occurs to them to use the "forgot password" link.

There should be text added to the login page letting users with pre-December-2010 accounts that they need to use the forgot password feature if they didn't log in during December or January.
Summary: Warn users with old accounts need to use the "forgot password" feature → Warn users with old accounts that they need to use the "forgot password" feature
How many is "A number"? Could we just change the text from "I forgot my password" to "I need to reset my password"?
I don't know an exact number, but there have been 3-4 per week who have made it into the live chat queue with sumo login issues.

Changing the text of the link might help, but users still don't know that they need to reset their passwords.  Communicating this via text on the login page or with a mass e-mail notification would let users know why their accounts are mysteriously not working.
I answer webmaster email at, and have received quite a few stating they knew their login and password but could not login, and never receive an email when clicking on the "forgot password" link.  Until now, I didn't know about the pre-Dec-2010 accounts.  But none of the reports had an email sent to them.
This is easy and we should do it.

I propose "My password isn't working." as strawman text, but am assigning to Crystal, hoping she'll either sign off on that or has a better way to phrase this.

@Terry: That is concerning, but difficult to debug. It's possible they forgot the email address they used. If we can get more info about it, we should file another bug.
Assignee: nobody → cbeasley
Target Milestone: --- → 2011-11-08

Each one that has reported not being able to log in, stated they were sure about their login and password.  I've asked each one to check spam filters also.  A couple have stated they just created the account and never received confirmation.  And a couple others received "Account is in use" messages, and couldn't log in.  I usually forward their email to Mozilla sysadmin.
We can message users that there was an issue on the password reset page. That's where you land if you click "My password isn't working."
Terry, please forward those to, or e-mail me offline. There is at least one potential issue there, but it is separate from this bug.

So, action items:

1) Change text to "My password isn't working."
2) Add a warning box to the reset page (as in comment 6).

Thanks, Crystal!
Assignee: cbeasley → nobody
Whiteboard: see comment 7

Will do.  Thanks for the contact info.
Assignee: nobody → rrosario
Closed: 11 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Verified text changes and warning displays on Password Reset page.
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