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Safe Mode dialog doesn't allow the user to restart in normal mode


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Starting Firefox in safe mode, and selecting "Make changes and restart" in the Safe Mode dialog, restarts the browser into the Safe Mode dialog again. There is no way for the user to start Firefox in normal mode again. Instead the Quit button has to be clicked and Firefox manually started.

1. Start Firefox 4
2. Select Help | Restart with Add-ons Disabled"
3. In the Safe Mode dialog select to disable all add-ons
4. Click on Make Changes and Restart

After step 4 you will end-up again in step 3. There is no way to leave the Safe Mode dialog to restart in normal mode.

This is a regression from Firefox 3.6. Not sure yet if this has been caused by bug 568691.
I don't think it's a blocker for Firefox 4 but it should probably fixed in a dot-release. Should we relnote?
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Also the -safe-mode switch on OS X doesn't work anymore after beta 6. Same for the option key. Not sure if both behaviors are related, but with beta 7 we have introduced the new restart in safe mode menu entry under the help menu.
Ok, since we have the menu entry it's not possible at least on OS X to restart in normal mode. The user is stuck in safe mode. The -safe-mode command line option still works on that day. So I think it should be moved to another bug.
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Filed bug 639101 for the -safe-mode option.
This problem will be unique to the implementation of the menu I think, we set an env variable and unless we unset it we'd continuously restart in safe mode
Does that mean we never reach that code when Firefox gets restarted via the menu?
Updated steps without using the menu in a running Firefox instance:

2. Start Firefox with the -safe-mode option
3. In the Safe Mode dialog select to disable all add-ons
4. Click on Make Changes and Restart

So the issue should be part of the Safe Mode dialog.
This is only reproducible on OS X and Linux, but not Windows. As used in the code "MOZ_SAFE_MODE_RESTART=" doesn't unset the environment variable for me.
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Keywords: user-doc-needed
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Yeah problem here is that setting "MOZ_SAFE_MODE_RESTART=" doesn't actually unset the variable it just sets it to a blank string, and the test only cares whether the variable is set.

This patch adds a helper for testing whether an environment variable is set with an actual value and then uses it in a couple of place where this is useful, one or two were places where we weren't doing it properly before but with little impact.

I've also made the changes per bug 555894 to a couple of places.
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patch rev 1

Ugh. I knew this rule, I wonder how I didn't catch it in review :-(
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Landed on trunk:
Need a litmus test for this since we can't do any automated tests in safe mode.
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Verified fixed with Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.6; rv:5.0a2) Gecko/20110426 Firefox/5.0a2

The manual test is covered by the following Litmus test:
Flags: in-litmus? → in-litmus+
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla5
Any plan to land this for 4.0.x?
I saw it has blocking 2.0.x.
But why didn't we get this into 4.0.1?
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