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menubuttons and menu items have different heights in Firefox menu


(Firefox :: Theme, defect)

Windows 7
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The menu buttons are 24px tall and the menu items are 22px tall. I don't believe this depends on whether or not the item has a menu.

Not a high-priority, but I think it does look a bit odd and would be nice to fix up for a future release.
They are all 22px on my screen... maybe this has to do with your system settings? When working on bug 628049, I found that height problems like this happened if I increased the system text size from the control panel.
Depends on: 628049
Er, it's 22px in my local build and 24px in my nightly... investigating now.
I think this is related to bug 631698 comment 12.

Hardware acceleration is disabled by default on my machine because of my graphics driver, so I developed my patch for bug 628049 with DirectWrite disabled. However, in my nightly build I had flipped gfx.font_rendering.directwrite.enabled to true, which let me see the issue Asa is seeing.

I'm not sure what the approach to solving this problem is. Once again, we're running into problems because we're overriding native styles :(
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