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generate-id() function leaks information about valid heap addresses


(Core :: XSLT, defect)

Windows 7
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As demonstrated at the test URL and announced on Chris Evans' blog the XPath generate-id() function returns a valid heap address which might provide a useful handle in other attacks. Appears to affect all browsers one way or another (Chrome was patched before announcing this).
Version: 1.9.2 Branch → unspecified
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Needs a bit more testing, but I think this should do it. I originally used the address of the txExecutionState itself, but since that usually lives on the stack it's possible that that'll be on a predictable address.
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OS: Mac OS X → Windows 7
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patch to fix

>diff --git a/content/xslt/src/xpath/txMozillaXPathTreeWalker.cpp b/content/xslt/src/xpath/txMozillaXPathTreeWalker.cpp

>+    PRUword nodeid = ((PRUword)aNode.mNode) - ((PRUword)aBase.mNode);

Don't think you need all those brackets.

>diff --git a/content/xslt/src/xslt/txGenerateIdFunctionCall.cpp b/content/xslt/src/xslt/txGenerateIdFunctionCall.cpp

>+            "called xslt extension function \"current\" with wrong context");


I don't think this can leak info about adresses anymore.
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Dan, I don't know how you want to do about landing this on branches given that I don't think it can land on trunk right now.
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patch to fix

Approved for and, a=dveditz for release-drivers
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blocking2.0: --- → .x+
S'ok, we'll take the branches now and 4.0.1 when we can.
Checked in to branches:

Leaving open as it hasn't been check in to trunk yet.

Also nominating for the 2.0 branch as that'll likely be a separate landing.
blocking2.0: .x+ → Macaw
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patch to fix

Approved for the mozilla2.0 repository, a=dveditz for release-drivers
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Checked in on m-c and 2.0:
Closed: 11 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Duplicate of this bug: 651571
Alias: CVE-2011-1202
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Tarak, what is this attachment supposed to be? It looks like an executable.
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patch security

Marking obsolete for now as I suspect this was added by mistake.
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Depends on: 1243337
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