Video on the Firefox mobile website cannot be played



Fennec Graveyard
7 years ago
6 years ago


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Mac OS X





7 years ago

1. Go to the page.
2. Tap the play icon on the page.

Nothing happens.
Depends on: 638118
tracking-fennec: ? → 2.0+

Comment 1

7 years ago
Not blocking -- should file a separate bug for webdev if this is an issue on their side
tracking-fennec: 2.0+ → 2.0-
Oops. just to keep things up to date here, webdev is handling this in bug 638118. Should be fixed soon.
Do we know what kind of impact this will have on the web at large? Fixing abusted video on our own landing page is one thing. But if the majority of videos on the web are similarly affected, we have a problem.
We've had this change in for around a month, and as far as I know this is the only bug that has been filed on (related) video problems.

That said, I have a better patch for bug 631058 mostly complete (need to figure out why it is failing a few tests), and would be fine reverting this change in Fennec.Next.
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