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Apply spec changes to <progress> (if needed)


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(Keywords: dev-doc-needed, html5, Whiteboard: [DocArea=HTML])

Basically, some changes might come from this specs bug:

<progress> might be removed from form controls and lose its .form attribute. It might also become a listed element and resettable.
And some other changes might be needed depending of what happens with these bugs:
OS: Linux → All
Hardware: x86_64 → All
The spec bugs listed in comment 1 have been rejected. Olli, I would appreciate if you can tell me your opinion (I need an external point of view).

And about the spec bug in comment 0, I believe we should keep progress element as form elements and maybe have them resettable later if it seems needed.
Blocks: 344614
No longer blocks: 633207
progress.max change has been accepted (finally!)...
bug has been open for another change: bug 686913

The last change we asked has been refused but I still do not agree:
I've opened bug 825908 for the only violation of the specs we still have on purpose.

I will mark this bug fixed because all other changes we requested are now applied to the specs and there is no point in keeping this bug opened.

Not setting a target milestone because this bug wasn't about landing a patch.

dev-doc-needed is to make sure the changes are reflected in our doc and to make sure "Gecko specific stuff" stuff are marked as no longer Gecko specific.
Closed: 7 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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