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List add crashes with GCInlineObject inheritance


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I can't explain why this fixes it, the *()&m_that construction just stopped working when the list picked up a base class, don't know why.  Anyway this seems cleaner.
I hate to delay fixing a crash, but I'd really like to know *why* this fixes it before I R+... disassembler?
I can do that but I'm not sure it will be very informative, I think what's needed here is an understanding of C++ here (assuming that what GCC is doing is correct, haven't tried a different compiler yet).   Hmm, maybe this is a good excuse to download the shiny new xcode 4 and see what clang does.

Do you happen to remember why the code wasn't written this way in the first place?
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> Do you happen to remember why the code wasn't written this way in the first
> place?

Nope. I guess *removing* a cast is safer than adding one...
And quite a dubious cast at that.   Crash doesn't repro with gcc-4.0.  I smell a compiler bug.
Okay I'm done, no assembler for me, it only crashes on GCC 4.2 x86 so  Its a compiler bug that I have no interest in knowing more about.   At least its a good fix that stands on its own and not some odd ball bug workaround hack.
This is blocking the landing of the exact tracing safety net in the player.
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user:      Tommy Reilly <>
summary:   Bug 642806 - List add crashes with GCInlineObject inheritance (r=stejohns,sr=edwsmith)
Closed: 9 years ago
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