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Fire MozScrollAreaChanged before "load", not after


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Currently MozScrollAreaChanged is fired basically as an executeSoon. This causes the "pageshow" and "load" events to be fired before MozScrollAreaChanged. Fennec does scroll changes on the "load" event and keeps track of the size of the page using MozScrollAreaChanged, so we have to use ugly hacks.

Guaranteeing that MozScrollAreaChanged always fires before the load event would make our code cleaner.
Timothy, do you mind reviewing this?

This patch now does a check to see if it is safe to fire the event (in other
words, if we are not in the middle of a reflow). When a page is loaded,
pending reflows are flushed so I fire the event during the post-reflow
callback instead of waiting for the new event.

I left the old way of doing it and safely exit out if the event is already
flushed. I'm not sure this is necessary.
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Fire MozScrollAreaChanged before "load", not after

I didn't even know this event existed, so I'm going to punt this to roc.
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How about just using AddScriptRunner in PostScrolledAreaEvent?
Nice! Thanks for the idea.
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Try run was good.
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