[meta] smart events filtering depending on event consumer




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7 years ago
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(Depends on: 1 bug, Blocks: 2 bugs, {access, meta})

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7 years ago
Provide internal interface that allows to skip events coalesce and events collecting when there's no event consumer.

1) XPCOM part

Now we fire or do not fire events depending on whether somebody uses observer service to handle events or not. 

First step: move this check to filter events early.
Next step: provide interface to tune this like:

interface nsIAccessibleRetrieval : public nsISupports
  void addEventHandler(in unsigned long aEventType,
                       in nsIAccessibleEventHandler aHandler);
  void removeEventHandler(in unsigned long aEventType,
                          in nsIAccessibleEventHandler aHandler);

interface nsIAccessibleEventHandler : public nsISupports
  void handleEvent(in nsIAccessibleEvent aEvent);

We could tune it further by moving new methods to document accessible where events processing handled if that's necessary.

2) MSAA/IA2.

Use IsWinEventHookInstalled as Mick suggested in https://lists.linux-foundation.org/pipermail/accessibility-ia2/2010-July/001209.html

3) ATK

Fernando, do you aware how to do that on ATK side?

Comment 1

7 years ago
we need to try to get it in fx5 (at least keep it on radar)
Blocks: 632301


7 years ago
Depends on: 420722
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