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7 years ago
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Build Identifier: Thunderbird 3.1.8

It is documented that you can add a new RSS feed to thunderbird from the command line with the following syntax:

 /usr/bin/thunderbird -mail feed:$url

However this hasn't worked on any of the 3.x builds I've tried.  Is this feature still available, and if not can some way to do this be put back in to the source?

Reproducible: Always
Component: General → Feed Reader
Product: Thunderbird → MailNews Core
QA Contact: general → feed.reader

Comment 1

6 years ago
thunderbird.exe feed:$url works for me in Tb10 and likely earlier.  if that doesn't work in 3.1, there's one word: upgrade.

if indeed the doc is wrong, where?
Last Resolved: 6 years ago
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Comment 2

6 years ago
I'm on TB 10 now, and this still doesn't do anything under Linux. Can you provide an example $url that this works for, and what you see happen when you run that command from the command line.
Resolution: WORKSFORME → ---

Comment 3

6 years ago
C:\Programs\Mozilla\Thunderbird>thunderbird.exe feed:

will subscribe the feed to an open Tb, create a folder (if not subscribed in the first feed account found), download feeds, and select the folder.

C:\Programs\Mozilla\Thunderbird>thunderbird.exe -no-remote -P test feed:

will start (must be closed, if a non-remote profile is open and you wish to open another profile) Tb with the profile, and repeat above.

now, this is win7.  i very vaguely recall -no-remote being implemented for some specific linux arg passing issues long ago, so that may or may not be a difference.

Comment 4

6 years ago
FWIW, works fine on linux for me. Tested in tb10.

Comment 5

6 years ago
After deleting my entire RSS tree (about 100 feed), and reimporting them, this now works. It didn't work at all previously. But at least it's working now.
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