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XP Anti-Virus 2011 infection after visit to


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On 3/31/11 9:18 PM, jackalek wrote:
> I've been infected by malware today
> called  XP Anti-Virus 2011
> Avira skiped it - at the time just a few antyviruses detect it.
> How I got it
> ff4 on windows xp sp3 running with admin rights (i know stupid)
> ran this google search
>  and went to this address
> at this stage nothing happens unless you click anywhere on the page
> then a new windows pops out
> after a few seconds I got alert from windows security manager telling
> me my firewall is disaled, firefox has been closed and I got annoying
> shiled with fake virus scan.
> I went to safe mode and spent good half hour before manually getting
> rid of this ****, it took ever exe extension in order to run itself
> even in safe mode.
> I've tired to run firefox again in sandbox but it seems not to trigger
> this infection again.
> There was no interacton form my side, just new window popped and thats
> it.
> Can anyone recreate this steps in order to finad a way how this
> byspassed firefox ?
> How can I help with investigation ?
> I've got sample of the trojan but don't think this would explain
> possible security breach in firefox.
> Regards
> Sam

Sam,  can you also indicate what versions of plugins you are running.  you can find this by typing about:plugins
> firefox has been closed

can you also check for any resent crash reports?

type about:crashes in the location bar to see a history of crashes.

if you can paste the crash report ids into this bug.
As requested, list of plugins

about:crashes shows one crash from 2009 which is pretty old one so not relevant

Is this report still useable after 2 years ?
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