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SVG feSpotLight light source position, limitingConeAngle and filter area (clipping) wrong


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For feSpotLight the light source position and the limitingConeAngle are 
interpreted wrong and there is an unspecified clipping as well (maybe for a
similar reason than for bug 647687), respecitive alternatively the coordinate
system for the filter could be wrong.

In the file the animated effect of the limitingConeAngle is indicated with 
white circles, these circles indicate the cone angles related to the opacity values within the file. The position of the light source and the pointing direction are chosen in such a way, that the horizontal middle axis of the
document and filtered object is a symmetry axis for the filter effect, this means, the top part is a mirrored correspondence of the part below and vice versa.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. View the file given at the URI above
2. Compare with description within the file and the specification
3. Compare with the behaviour of the adobe plugin or Opera (Opera has only a
slightly wrong limitingConeAngle)
Actual Results:  
Apart from the wrong clipping effect respectively filter area, the effect is not
symmetrical to the central horizontal axis and the limitingConeAngle does not
fit to the indicating white circles. 

Expected Results:  
The display has to be symmetrical als explained above, without a clipping effect
and the limitingConeAngle results in circular borders of the magenta areas, outside the limitingConeAngle the filter area is expected to be black. Borders
are indicated with the white circles respectively for the used opacity values
of the filtered object.
Compare with the adobe plugin or approximately with the behaviour of Opera for details.
Sounds like some, perhaps all of this is the same as bug 619992
I can see similar position problems for tests with feSpecularLighting.
The clipping bug dominates most of my filter tests with light sources, 
therefore I did not look for more details in them yet...
Depends on: 619992
This is fixed by the patches in bug 619992
Ever confirmed: true
Fixed by bug 619992 and bug 647687
Closed: 11 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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