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Performance of platform-dependent add-ons is not tested


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Talos currently uses URLs like  to download add-ons. This URL (which belongs to Cooliris by the way) will not work however because it is a platform-dependent add-on with different downloads for different platforms. Consequently the performance of the add-on will simply not be tested.

Instead the AMO API should be used - contains all the download links for the supported platforms.
If there are platform specific versions of addons we should definitely be testing the correct addon per platform.  I'm going to need to investigate how to change our download/install system to get this up and running.

Is the only route to win here reading that xml file?
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> Is the only route to win here reading that xml file?

You can fall back to platform-specific URLs, like
(platform=3 is Mac OS)

However, the "latest" URL only works for add-ons with Public status, so this is also going to fail for other cases.
From the look of it, will always work - even for add-ons that are not platform-specific. platform:5 is Windows, Linux is 2, OS X is 3. No idea what the other codes stand for.
This addon given as an example: 

appears to only have winnt and darwin versions - should we not test it on linux
if the addon does not provide a platform specific link?
We shouldn't test on platforms the add-on doesn't claim to support. results in 404 - so the test on Linux will fail "automatically".
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