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PlacesDBUtils console output is broken


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Not set





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This is a regression from bug 609286, most likely I want to backport this to FF4, and if we miss FF5, to it as well.
Maintenance works, but it does not print any result to the console, and this is a users support regression, since we can't have users report us results of running it.
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I forgot to hg add the test, it's really simple but all other stuff is checked by the existing test, so this just checks that we output to the console.
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Keywords: regression
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patch v1.1

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patch v1.1

The patch is not scary and has a test. On Firefox 4 PlacesDBUtils works but it doesn't return any log to the user, we use these logs to figure out issues at the database level, so, as it is now, users can't report back problems to us.
I'd like to fix this in Firefox 4 that is the only version with a broken maintenance.
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patch v1.1

not planning a further 4.0.x releases
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