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l10n repacks broken on all platforms on mozilla-central (probably aurora, too)


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All repacks on mozilla-central are hosed right now, with something like

mv /builds/moz2_slave/cen-lnx-l10n-ntly/build/mozilla-central/browser/locales/../../dist/l10n-stage/firefox/chrome/be.manifest /builds/moz2_slave/cen-lnx-l10n-ntly/build/mozilla-central/browser/locales/../../dist/l10n-stage/firefox/chrome/localized.manifest
/builds/moz2_slave/cen-lnx-l10n-ntly/build/mozilla-central/config/nsinstall -D ../../dist/l10n-stage/
cd ../../dist/l10n-stage; \
	  (cd firefox && rm -f omni.jar components/binary.manifest && grep -h '^binary-component' components/*.manifest > binary.manifest ; sed -e 's/^binary-component/#binary-component/' components/components.manifest > components.manifest && mv components.manifest components && find . | xargs touch -t 201001010000 && zip -r9mX omni.jar chrome chrome.manifest components/*.js components/*.xpt components/*.manifest modules res defaults greprefs.js jsloader  -x chrome/icons/\* defaults/pref/channel-prefs.js res/cursors/\* res/MainMenu.nib/\*  && true && /tools/python/bin/python2.5 /builds/moz2_slave/cen-lnx-l10n-ntly/build/mozilla-central/browser/locales/../../config/ --optimize /builds/moz2_slave/cen-lnx-l10n-ntly/build/mozilla-central/browser/locales/../../dist/jarlog/ ./ ./ && mv binary.manifest components && printf "manifest components/binary.manifest\n" > chrome.manifest) && (cd firefox && /tools/python/bin/python2.5 ../../config/ && gtar -c --owner=0 --group=0 --numeric-owner --mode="go-w" -f - firefox | bzip2 -vf >
grep: components/*.manifest: No such file or directory
sed: can't read components/components.manifest: No such file or directory
make[1]: *** [repackage-zip] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/builds/moz2_slave/cen-lnx-l10n-ntly/build/mozilla-central/browser/locales'
make: *** [repackage-zip-be] Error 2
program finished with exit code 2
=== Output ended ===
======== BuildStep ended ========


  adding: jsloader/resource/services-sync/notifications.js.bin (deflated 59%)
  adding: jsloader/resource/services-sync/record.js.bin (deflated 63%)
  adding: jsloader/resource/services-sync/resource.js.bin (deflated 61%)
  adding: jsloader/resource/services-sync/service.js.bin (deflated 62%)
  adding: jsloader/resource/services-sync/status.js.bin (deflated 56%)
  adding: jsloader/resource/services-sync/util.js.bin (deflated 63%)
make[2]: Leaving directory `/e/builds/moz2_slave/cen-w32-l10n-ntly/build/mozilla-central/browser/locales'
make[1]: Leaving directory `/e/builds/moz2_slave/cen-w32-l10n-ntly/build/mozilla-central/browser/locales'
d:\mozilla-build\python25\python2.5.exe: can't open file '../../config/': [Errno 2] No such file or directory
make[2]: *** [repackage-zip] Error 2
make[1]: *** [repackage-win32-installer] Error 2
make: *** [repackage-win32-installer-bn-IN] Error 2
program finished with exit code 2

Possible candidates are robstrong and the exe unpack, I guess.
Blocks: 649407
Is this the version bump? 4.2a1pre isn't the right file any more, right?
If they're broken on all platforms with the same error, I strongly suspect one of Rob Strong's patches, bug 313956 is Windows-only, and "" is a file that Rob added.
createprecomplete seems to show up in both linux and windows, looking at the tails of the two logs. has links to tons of logs.
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I suspect that the new python script is running into the same problem as the jar optimize python script. If someone could check if this fixes it while I'm driving into the office I'd appreciate it.
Received r+=khuey over irc on the condition that I verify the fix locally
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untested patch - comm-central

Going to need this on comm-central
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untested patch

khuey r+'d this over irc and I verified this fixes win32 l10n repacks locally. I'm going to wait on the Mac nightly fix before landing these.
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Pushed to mozilla-central

Pushed to mozilla-aurora (got a=LegNeato in person)
Closed: 13 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
bah... forgot to sync

Pushed followup to mozilla-central

Pushed followup to mozilla-aurora
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 5
Component: Build Config → General
Product: Firefox → Firefox Build System
Target Milestone: Firefox 5 → mozilla5
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