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Fix ipc_channel_win.cpp WARNING about Connect called twice


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I noticed that we were getting a strange warning on Windows IPC builds:
WARNING: Connect called twice: file e:/builds/moz2_slave/try-w32-dbg/build/ipc/chromium/src/chrome/common/, line 178

This was fixed over a year ago in Chromium:

Perhaps we should consider updating to a more recent version?
Obviously a warning isn't a good reason to upgrade, but I'm sure there are legitimate fixes and other improvements we may want.
cjones and bent should be in on this as well.
This warning has been known to be spurious forever and has been ignored.  Not worth bothering with IMHO.

We can't just pull from upstream because the chromium stuff has been rewritten several times since our initial import.  We've cherry-picked bug fixes when needed.  We're not interested in sharing the ipc/chromium code as written (for a variety of reasons), so it wouldn't make sense for us to spend time on it except for security bugs or big perf wins.

Unless you want to morph this bug to something more specific, like pulling a fix for the spurious warning, this bug is a WONTFIX.
Morphing to a fix for the warning then.
Summary: Upgrade to recent Chromium IPC → Fix ipc_channel_win.cpp WARNING about Connect called twice
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Used "try" as my compiler, and it fails. :/ Is it OK to just remove the darn
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Fix ipc_channel_win.cpp WARNING about Connect called twice

Yeah.  Let's just wrap it in #ifndef CHROMIUM_MOZILLA_BUILD.
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