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When printing selection, print dialogue's print range radiobox "Selection" should be selected (and other radioboxes disabled, until fix for bug 66806)


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(Depends on 1 open bug)


This is related to longstanding major bug
Bug 66806 - Print selection is always disabled for MailNews messages

(In reply to Bug 66806 Comment 85)
> Any ideas for helping the person at least once to know that we'll be choosing
> the selection by default?

Here's the idea... in the print dialogue, let's tune the print range radioboxes correctly to show that we'll print the selection (and can't print anything else in that situation, until bug 66806 gets fixed).


1 From main window's message preview (or possibly elsewhere), select some text, more than 2 words
2 Ctrl+P to initiate print dialogue

Actual result

In the print dialogue's print range selector,
- radiobox "All" is selected (but we are not printing all pages of the message, and no user can guess that we might mean "all pages of the selection" which technically happens to be the whole print source document at that moment)
- radiobox "pages: from [  ] to [  ]" is still selectable (but we don't offfer printing selected pages *of the mail*)
- radiobox "Selection" is disabled
This will confuse the user, especially if he is not aware of the selection.

Expected result

- radiobox "All" should not be selected (we are not printing the whole message)
- until bug 66806 is fixed, radiobox "ALL" should also be disabled
- until bug 66806 is fixed, radiobox "Pages..." should be disabled (due to the workaround fix for bug 66806, we force-print the selection only, so we can't print selected pages *of the mail*; and we don't intend to offer the feature of printing selected pages *of the selection*, do we?)
- radiobox "Selection" should be enabled and selected (as that's exactly what we do, currently without any other choice if there's a selection, and thus we should communicate that to the user via the UI)

This is NOT a duplicate of bug 66806! 

Bug 66806 wants to implement free choice in the print dialogue between the different print ranges, so by selection one out of 3 radioboxes, regardless of selection(!), users can choose to print the whole message, some pages of the messages, or the entire selection. This doesn't work yet as we don't manage to toggle/manage the underlying print source documents, per bug 66806, comment 75.
(Workaround patch attachment 410471 [details] [diff] [review] works around the problem by replacing the print source document with the selection, which force-prints the selection as the print dialogue simply doesn't get anything else for printing.)

As opposed to implementing the free choice, this bug simply asks to toggle the 3 print range radioboxes of the print dialogue into states that reflect what we actually do, and what we can't do yet, when there is a selection. I suppose just tickling the radioboxes on the dialogue (without implementing any change of actions) is much less complicated than bug 66806.
Component: General → Printing
Product: Thunderbird → MailNews Core
QA Contact: general → printing
Depends on: 66806
See Also: → 1731183
Severity: normal → S3
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