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Fix SO_VERSION expansion on OpenBSD


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Followup to, esp

As of now, with, DLL_SUFFIX is set to normalize_suffix(".so.$(if $(SO_VERSION),$(SO_VERSION),1.0)"), which confuses it (it tries to link with libmozalloc.a & libmozsqlite3.a, which don't exist).

The previous hack doesn't work for that case, so let's use a plain shell if in the block. Tested with SO_VERSION set to nothing, and 23.0, for each of them DLL_SUFFIX is correctly set in mozilla-config.h/, and defaults to .so.1.0 if SO_VERSION is not set.
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Use a shell test to set DLL_SUFFIX depending on SO_VERSION in env

>+    if test $SO_VERSION ; then

Just a nit: for consistency, make that:
  if test "$SO_VERSION"; then

A small note about the patch itself, since you bothered creating an hg patch with a commit message, please put the bug number in the summary line, and make it concise so that it fits on one short line (for some value of short), though you can expand your thoughts on the following lines (though I don't know if it's better to leave an empty line between both, like with git, but then most people don't add notes after the summary).
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New version with better commit message, and quote SO_VERSION.

I'm somewhat getting used to hg queues... and m-c builds and runs fine on OpenBSD with only 9 patches!
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Use a shell test to set DLL_SUFFIX depending on SO_VERSION in env

>+    if test "$SO_VERSION" ; then

without the space before the semi-colon and we're good. Thanks
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