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two minor improvements to cycle collector dumps


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During the debugging session described in I wrote two patches to fix things that we ran into during that session.  (I still need to test them...)
Now that JSTracer is binary-compatible between opt and debug, we should no longer need these ifdefs, and we can get better data in opt builds when WantDebugInfo is set.
We needed the full URLs but couldn't get to them.
Here's a third one that's older and that I have tested.  I don't feel like filing a separate bug for it.  This makes XPCOM_CC_DRAW_GRAPHS apply to the shutdown collections too.
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Peterv sent me this patch for CC shutdown logging.  Basically the same, but  factored a bit differently.  Just some food for thought.
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patch 2: allow much longer urls

Well, I finally got around to testing these other 2 in opt builds.  This patch definitely works; I can't find any evidence of the other one doing so, though.
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dbaron, you could probably close this.  2 of 3 patches landed, and the JSTracer stuff in part 1 is going to require additional futzing with the JS engine, so I'll deal with that in its own bug, bug 701415.
Sounds good.  (And yes, I didn't land patch 1 because it didn't actually do anything useful.
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