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two minor improvements to cycle collector dumps




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6 years ago
During the debugging session described in I wrote two patches to fix things that we ran into during that session.  (I still need to test them...)

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6 years ago
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patch 1: get better JSTracer data

Now that JSTracer is binary-compatible between opt and debug, we should no longer need these ifdefs, and we can get better data in opt builds when WantDebugInfo is set.

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6 years ago
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patch 2: allow much longer urls

We needed the full URLs but couldn't get to them.

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6 years ago
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patch 3: make XPCOM_CC_DRAW_GRAPHS work at shutdown too

Here's a third one that's older and that I have tested.  I don't feel like filing a separate bug for it.  This makes XPCOM_CC_DRAW_GRAPHS apply to the shutdown collections too.
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peterv's CC shutdown logging patch

Peterv sent me this patch for CC shutdown logging.  Basically the same, but  factored a bit differently.  Just some food for thought.
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6 years ago
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patch 2: allow much longer urls

Well, I finally got around to testing these other 2 in opt builds.  This patch definitely works; I can't find any evidence of the other one doing so, though.
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6 years ago
Landed patch 3:
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6 years ago
Landed patch 2:
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dbaron, you could probably close this.  2 of 3 patches landed, and the JSTracer stuff in part 1 is going to require additional futzing with the JS engine, so I'll deal with that in its own bug, bug 701415.

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6 years ago
Sounds good.  (And yes, I didn't land patch 1 because it didn't actually do anything useful.
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